When planning a trip to South Africa there are a few things you might want to do first! Decide what you want to do or hunt in South Africa and then decide in conference with Blackstone Safaris which area and accommodation would be most suitable to your needs. Most people are not aware of the fact that African Nights can become extremely cold in contrast to the hot, sweltering days! In the Southern parts of Africa temperatures can vary anywhere from below freezing to hot as hell in 24 hours! Your shopping should include:

  • Bush Hat
  • Heavy Hunting Jacket
  • Safari type shorts and shirts
  • Warm Sweater
  • Hunting Boots
  • Wool socks

Clothes for Hunting should, for camouflage reasons be khaki or dark/olive green of colours. Shorts are preferable to long trousers as shorts are less noisy in the bush and provide greater freedom of movement. Trousers can be weighed down by early morning dew and cause extensive discomfort as the day grows warmer. Hunting boots must be well worn BEFORE the hunt as chafing and blisters could ruin your whole safari!

An essential part any hunter’s equipment is a decent pair of binoculars (look for light weight as you carry most equipment yourself!) and don’t forget a camera in a protective bag. Malaria only occurs in small parts of South Africa, but it’s always better to be prepared as Malaria is an awful illness to suffer from and it is also sometimes deadly.

Sun block is another important item that you should get. The African sun can be very cruel and you wouldn’t want to spend your safari looking like boiled lobster! Feel free to include a diary so that you can write every single experience down – memories can never fade if you keep track of the ups and downs of your African Safari.

Now that you have all your shopping done – why aren’t you here yet?