There is a wide variety of species to be found in South Africa. On this page is the most common as it is impossible to cover all species on this page. Included are photos and some general facts about some species.

Lion (Panthera Leo)

The average Lion measures shoulder height at 91 to 100cm. A mature male  can weigh up to 227kg ! Lions are not very picky about their food and have bee seen to eat almost anything that available in times of severe drought.

Lions mostly hunt through the night and rest in the daylight . They often drink water (when available) and are commonly found in the areas with abundance of water.

Lions are very social and usually move in a pride. Important: A lion is a very dangerous animal. When threatened or cornered by a lion, DON’T Run!

The lion is at the top of the Food Chain and naturally has no enemies except for the human.

Lions are found in most parts of South Africa.