I am the proud owner and establisher of Blackstone Hunting Safaris South Africa. My safari operation started in 1999. I have been hunting from the age of ten years old. In all my years of hunting, I have not found any thing I love more. I have been hunting professionally for 10 years. I have hunted all over South Africa, as well as Zimbabwe, Namibia, Zambia.

Dawn in Africa Hunting Safaris… The Mystic silence of Africa is your first impression of the African Bush.  The only sounds that break the silence are those of scuttling beetles underfoot and the faraway call of the Zebra enjoying an early morning dust bath. The fresh smell of the morning heavily laden with dew mixes with the tingling sweet smell of the Acacia Thorn bush to become a stunning cocktail that overpowers all your senses and welcomes you To the magnificent but also invigorating experience of Africa. The majestic Baobab, already thousands of years old is waiting to welcome you to the ultimate African Experience…

Being born and raised in Africa , I have been exposed to the wonders of this vast continent ever since I can remember, I now offer you the natural enchantment of Africa. Join one of our exciting Safaris and I ensure you the ULTIMATE African Adventure!


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